K-3 Program

Our K-3 program offers more than a daycare typically can for parents who need a place for their children during school hours.

The typical preschool day for the three year old class begins with a short Bible story and songs. The children start with Creation and continue through key stories of the Bible.

During the course of the day, the children work on language development by learning and identifying shapes, colors, and numbers. They learn basic body parts (we have hands to help each other, eyes to see kindness, mouths to speak kind words to one another).

Penmanship for three year olds begins with developing fine motor skills by learning to use safety scissors and focusing on properly holding pencils and crayons, drawing lines and shapes, then progressing to learning and printing the alphabet in both upper and lower case forms.

The classroom features learning centers that use play-dough (another great tool for developing those fine motor skills), building blocks, a play kitchen, a little library, and areas for imaginative and hands-on activities.

The children enjoy a lot of play-time in both the classroom and on the playground or gym for recess sessions. They bring lunches and snacks, and must be potty-trained for inclusion in this program. Nap time/rest time is also a scheduled part of each day.

The K-3 program is not as much about achieving specific academic milestones as it is about helping children learn good social and behavior management skills. Learning to compromise, take turns, share attention, be respectful of others, and solve problems will help prepare the children to be K-4 and Kindergarten-ready.

With a small student to teacher ratio, the learning experience at ICA is school with a pinch of home. It is an honor to partner with parents in providing their children a loving place where their little ones can both learn and thrive.